Chemistry Lab Kit (MT-CLK003 )

Modal no: MT-LET003

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Atomic Model Set

Modal no: MT-LET002

ATOMIC MODEL SET SUPERIOR , The set consists of moulded balls and s ...Read More

Student Balance Kit

Modal no: MT-LET004

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6 IN 1 Solar Kit

Modal no: MT-LET001

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Wake Me Robot

Modal no: MT-LET005

WAKE ME ROBOT-Its alarm for waking up in the early morning. In the ...Read More

My Senses

Modal no: MT-LET006

MY SENSES-This kit is part of our body awareness science series exp ...Read More

Weather kit

Modal no: MT-LET007

Kit includes a re ...Read More

Circuit kit

Modal no: MT-LET008

 In this kit Additional circuits are explained in manual. working ...Read More

Physics kit

Modal no: MT-LET009

 To help children understand the fundamental of science, Under ...Read More

Electronic kit

Modal no: MT-LET010

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A hands-on Science kit has been developed with a view to provide a facility to the children/schools in rural as well as urban areas to gain hands-on practical experience in sciences. The kit can be used by an individual child or a group of 5-6 children as well as a demonstration set by the teacher. It is not only a comprehensive compilation of instruments, equipment, chemicals and miscellaneous items which are generally required for carrying out experiments by students in Physics, Biology and Chemistry