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Digital Multimeter Hand Held 4.5 Digits manufacturer in india



  • 50, 000 counts high resolution stable reading mode. 20kHz Bandwidth voltage function Record MAX, MIN, MAX
  • MIN readings. Crest (Instantaneous Peak Hold) MAX, MIN, MAX- MIN readings. Relative zero mode dBm readings.
  • % 4 -20mA loop current readings. High noise rejection filtered Line Level Frequency mode. Line Level Frequency with 4 Trigger Levels.
  • HBC Fuse Protection.
  • 4-4/5 digits 50,000 counts. Select-able stable mode 5-4/5 digits 500,000 counts for DC Voltage, & 6 digits 999,999 counts for Hz.
  • Operating Temperature : 0oC to 45oC
  • Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperature up-to 30°C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 45°C
  • Record MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN reading. Crest (Instantaneous Peak hold) MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN reading. Relative zero mode. 500,000 counts
  • high resolution stable reading mode. Back lighted display dBm readings. %4-20mA loop current readings. High noise rejection filtered
  • Line Level Frequency mode.
  • Idle for 4.5 minutes

TypeHand Held
Display4.5 (Digits)
Measurement TypeTrue RMS
Counts6000, 50,000
DC Voltage Range1000
DC Voltage Accuracy0.05
AC Voltage Range1000
AC Voltage Accuracy0.5
DC Current Range10
DC Current Accuracy1
AC Current Range10
AC Current Accuracy1
Resistance Range50
Resistance Accuracy1
Capacitance Range ( Micro farad ).01 to 1000
Capacitance Accuracy ( % )1.5
Capacitance resolution ( nF )0.01
Frequency Range ( KHz )100, 200
Frequency Accuracy ( % )0.1
Frequency resolution ( Hz )0.001, 0.01
Temperature Range ( Degree C )-40 to 400, -50 to 1000
Temperature Accuracy ( % )1.5, 2
Temperature resolution ( Degree C )0.1, 1
Continuity test and Diode testAvailable
Data loggingAvailable, Not Available
If Data Logging Feature is Available, Internal Memorymin. 5000 points/ 200 readings, NA
Computer Interface along with softwareAvailable, Not Available
Dimensions167 x 84 x 46 mm
Weight560, 355
Safety Rating

Category III 1000 V of IEC 61010, Category IV 600 V of IEC 61010

Safety CertificationCE
Power RequirementsBattery Operated
if Battery Operated, then Type of BatteryNon- Rechargeable (Alkaline)
if Non-rechargeable , then size of the battery / cell9-V rectangular battery, AA
number of non- rechargeable the battery / cell4, 1
Voltage of rechargeable Battery0, 9
capacity of rechargeable battery(milli Ampere Hour)0, 500
Standard Accessories Supplied with the EquipmentManual
Warranty1, 3
Minimum Operating Temperature-20
Maximum Operating Condition55
Operating Humidity (RH)80, 90
The equipment supplied with calibration certificateYES
Test Reports from Central Govt/NABL/ILACYes

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