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Semi Fowler Bed Manual manufacturer in india



Semi Fowler Bed Manual manufacturer in india

Semi Fowler Bed Manual (MTHF 03SFBM)

Micro Technologies provides Semi fowler bed-dependent patient. We can help you decide the best product and range of administration for your requirements.

Semi fowler’s bed position is the situation of a patient who is lying in bed in a turned backward position with the head of the bed at generally 30º to 45º. It is also called as 1 function cot/ Back rest cot.

These beds have a flexible back rest that can be moved by crank instrument from foot end called as “pulley”. Wheels mounted in the legs of this Semi Fowler Cot, make it simple to move starting with one place to another. It has breaks so the bed will not move by its own.

  • Semi-Fowler Bed with mechanically operated back rest by super-smooth crank mechanism.
  • Size: L 2140mm × W 940mm × H 500mm.
  • Removable & interchangeable high quality beautiful ABS engineering plastic head panel and foot panel.
  • Collapsible side railings. (Top bar Aluminium, Vertical bars SS, Bottom pipe epoxy)
  • Epoxy coated mild steel frame work and 2 section perforated top.
  • 125mm dia noiseless castors (all with individual brakes)
  • Provision for I.V. Rod on both sides of the bed.
  • Freight saving knock-down construction.

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