School Biology Lab Equipment

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School physics lab equipment

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School Biology Lab Equipments

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School Chemistry Lab Equipment

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School Physics Lab Instruments

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We are the Global Leaders in Manufacturing, Exporting School Lab Equipment & Instruments. Micro Technologies deals in All these Physics instruments, He- Ne Laser, Zenner Diode, Thyratron Valve, Bar Pendulum, Optical Bread Board, Triode, Ballistic Galvanometer, Inertia Table, Bifilar Suspension, Vernier Caliper, Screw Gauge, Diesel Engine ( 4 Stroke ), Lee’s Apparatus, Petrol Engine ( 4 Stroke ), Sonometer, Young’s Module Apparatus, Newton’s Law of Cooling, Moisture Meter – Wood, Capacitance & Resistance Box, Power Supply & Transformer, Microprocessors, Sound Level Meter, Digital IC / Memory Tester, Hooks Law apparatus, Ohm’s Law, Voltameter, Ammeter, Desauty / Weins / Anderson / Maxwell Bridge, Semiconductor Devices, Galvanometer, Surface Tension Apparatus, Optical Bench, Cantileve, Ring & Ball Apparatus, Vibration Magnetometer, LCR Resonance Apparatus, Searl’s Apparatus, Semiconductor Device, Capacitance Box, Lee’ Apparatus, Decade Inductance Box, AMMETER DC with Desk stand, Ammeter Ac With Desk Stand, Meter Desk Stand, Panel Meters Dc (Without Desk Stand), Aneroid Barometer, Astronomical Telescope/terrestrial Telescope With Tripod Stand, Balance Physical (Cap 250gm),aneroid Barometer,ballistic Galvanometer, Bar Magnet Alnico Make, (Parco/ Economy Type), Ring Magnet / Disc Magnet, Bar Pendulum (Compound), Bar Pendulum Stand (Metallic), Barton’s Horizontal Apparatus or (Torsion Apparatus) Searl’s Pattern, Barton’s Vertical Apparatus or (Torsion Apparatus), Battery Hydrometer, Bell Experiment Apparatus (Bell in Bell Jar), Bending of Beam Apparatus (Iron), Bending of Beam Apparatus (Koening’s Method), Bifilar Suspension Arrangement (Iron), Bi-metal Strip, Bi-prism (Freshnel's), Worchester Kit, Wind Wane Wooden Block With Hook, Weights of Physical Weight Box, Weight Box, School Lab Equipment Manufacturer, School Lab Equipment Supplier, School Lab Equipment Exporter, School Lab Equipment, School Physics Lab Equipment, High School Experiments Setup, School Chemistry Lab Equipments, School Biology Lab Equipment Manufacturer, Wave Motion Machine, Water Voltameter, Water Level Apparatus, Wheel & Axle Model, Voltic Cell, Viscosity Apparatus, Vernier Calliper, Vande Graf Generator, Variac/ Dimmerstate/ Auto Transformer, Triple Beam Balance, Torsion Pendulum, Travelling Microscope, Ticker Tape Timer Apparatus.

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