Facial ID Thermometer

Modal no: MTC 01FIT

  • Temperature Measurement Speed < 1 Second
  • Automatic ...Read More

Foot Operated Sanitizer Stand SS

Modal no: MTC 02FOSS

SS Foot Operated Dispenser for hand sensitization.Can be Kept at th ...Read More

Disinfectant Spray

Modal no: MTC 03CDOCH

  • Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray
  • Kills 99.9% Bacteria & ...Read More

Sanitizer Spray

Modal no: MTC 04SS

  • Sodium Hypo chloride Solution: A disinfecting agent that helps ...Read More

Nose Wire 3 ply Mask blue

Modal no: MTC 06PMWNW

Nose Wire 3 ply Mask blue
Our 3 ...Read More

Hand Sanitizer Bottle 5L

Modal no: MTC 07HSB

  • Micro Technologies Sanitizer (alcohol-based)
  • With mois ...Read More

Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer Cabinet

Modal no: MTC 08UC

Face Shield for Medical Use

Modal no: MTC 09FSMU

  • For applications in hospitals, laboratories, chemical plants, ...Read More

Medical Goggles without Filter

Modal no: MTC 10MSGF

  • Adjustable head belt: The elastic band design to facilitate th ...Read More

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