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Fowler Bed without Railing and Mattress manufacturer in india



MICRO TECHNOLOGIES Fowler Bed without Railing and Mattress is one of the most trusted bed. The bed is made from ABS stainless steel and the Two Section Top is Made of Perforated Sheets While the Framework is Made of Rectangular M.S. Tube. The screw handle is very smooth and works perfectly if you want to tilt the upper portion of the bed. This is a full fowler bed that is available in ergonomic design. It also has head and foot boards for the ease of use. A nice and sturdy hospital bed that is available at the best price.

Type of bed
Number of bed platform sections4 for Fowler bed
Availability of Backrest sectionYes
Backrest section linkagewelded with MS CRCA tube (14 G)
Availability of Leg sectionYes
Leg section linkagewelded with MS CRCA tube (16 G)
Mattress platform shall be perforatedYes
Screw mechanismwelded with ERW MS tube (18 G) in M.S. cover made from (16 G) ERW tube
Manual adjustmentsBackrest, knee rest through two screw systems with thrust bearings individually manouvred by two handles for Fowler bed
Back rest - min 45 % of the frame lengthYes
The bottom end of the H legs are provided with PVC shoesNA in case of bed with castors
The bed has head & foot panels detachable by hand without need of any toolYes
Saline rod provisionfour locations on the bed platform to hold stainless steel Telescopic Saline rod 12mm dia with 15.87 mm dia x 1.2 mm (18 G) stainless steel
Provision for mounting of syringe pumpouter covering tube with a knob to mount syringe pump
Finishing & workmanship shall be of high standard
All corners shall be rounded off so that there shall be no sharp corners and holes should be burr freeYes
Coating for metal partsM.S. tubular parts, linkages, flats are to be In-house, pretreated / shot blasted and Epoxy powder coated with coating thickness 50 to 100 microns
Material of handlePlastic
Number of detachable moulded PP with PVC insert head and foot side panels
Provision of castorsH' Type Legs with 600 mm Height with 125 mm(5") dia High Grade Synthetic Body Castors, two with brake, two w/o brake
Number of hooks in Telescopic I V Pole2
Urine Bag HolderYes
Moulded Chart HolderYes
Provision of mattressYes
Number of sections in mattress4 for fowler bed
Provision of collapsible RailingNo
Overall Length of bed in mm with 5% tolerance2050 to 2100
Overall width of bed in mm with 5% tolerance900 to 950
Size of Buffer in mm75
Bed Platform frame size with 5% tolerance
2070 mm L x 910 mm W
Mattress Platform size with 5% tolerance1970 mm L x 790 mm W
Buffer to Handle Length with 5% tolerance2275 mm
Fixed Height600 mm
Material and size of section1.2 mm (18 G) CRCA M.S perforated sheet top
Overall length of Back Rest775-800
Overall width of back rest775-800
Overall length of Knee Rest400-450
Overall width of Knee Rest775-800
Overall length of Leg Rest550-600
Overall width of Leg Rest775-800
Overall length of Fix Section100-150
Overall width of fix section775-800
Raised Backrest Angle65o
Raised Knee rest Angle40o
Bed frame tube size60 mm x 30 mm x 1.6 mm (16 G) Thick ERW tube
Dimensions for Fitting of frameERW tubes diameter 31.75 mm x 1.2 mm (18 G) thick and diameter 22.22 mm x 1.2 mm (18 G) thick and MS sheet having thickness 3.0 mm (11 G)
Diameter of Four corner rubber buffers in mm75
Material of head and foot panelsSS Tubular
Diameter of MS tubular in mm30 to 50 mm
Diameter of SS Laminated
30 to 50 mm
Patient Working Load135 Kg
Safe Working Load
150 Kg
Not provided
Not Provided

Fowler Bed without Railing and Mattress manufacturer in india

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