Micro Technologies has carved a distinctive position in the market and emerged as the most-eminent one of all time. It is known for manufacturing and supplying all types of engineering instruments for years. A wide range of products comprises fluid mechanics lab equipment, engineering models, heat and mass transfer lab, chemical engineering instruments, mechanical operation lab equipment, filling and sealing machines and so more. In this domain, you will find attractive verities of all types of engineering equipment and instruments. Some of them are axial fan test rig, centrifugal pump test rig, centrifugal blower test rig, Vicker hardness tester, smoke density apparatus, aggregate crushing value apparatus, impact testing testers, computerized fatigue testing machine, plate type heat exchanger, open pan evaporator, pool boiling apparatus, fluidized bed dryer, continuously stirred tank reactor, cascade continuous stirred tank refrigerator and so more. Our engineering equipment and instruments are known for their aesthetic look, modern construction techniques, finishing, dimensional accuracy, long- lasting, rust-free, excellent manufacturing material, and best-services. These all are the aspects which make this company different from others. You can also take the advantage of these services by just connecting with us. Tap the banner to know more.

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