Multi circuit panel board-DIY

Modal no: MT-PW01

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Electricity and magnetism kit -DIY

Modal no: MT-PW02

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Working of switch DIY

Modal no: MT-PW03

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Levitation of pencil -DIY

Modal no: MT-PW04

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Pulley in our life -DIY

Modal no: MT-PW05

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Electromagnet Making Kit

Modal no: MT-PW06

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Electromagnetic Repulsion - DIY

Modal no: MT-PW07

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Elastic Powered Boat-DIY

Modal no: MT-PW09

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Make your own sundial-DIY

Modal no: MT-PW10

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 Physics projects are some of the most memorable science projects .it is useful for basic physics simulations, and can be a powerful dynamic  analytical tool, once you learn it.  Practical activities are not just motivational and fun: they can also sharpen . Practical Physics is part of a group of projects that include Practical .